As all day in the office work of the O FFICE family, is it right? You always complaining air jordan 3 retro, belly out, neck acid, wrist pain, body crosswise development. But you are too lazy to work around the gym, lie on the bed to do sit ups and insist on not a few rounds, reading and young body seems farther and farther away from you. Can really good in the office I do some exercise, but because of local restrictions, in this small space can not be bigger amplitude of limb movement, think about the activities of the body is not easy. So, love health, you have to play a game of “gentle and graceful secret war” in the office, to mobilize all available resources, to do some action is small, can also special sports physical activity even at work. This time, several OF FICE owners will own, their fitness experience may let you resonate. Summer office Raiders busy every day you will always be in a hurry to depart, perhaps you will complain,air jordan 3 retro 88 not I do not want to exercise, but there’s no time to exercise. You know, as long as you are willing to move, there is always a way to lose weight.
In your newspaper: your feet are idle, can move his feet, read on the side with the feet kept grip, and constantly rotating feet to ankle. It can relieve brain fatigue, insomnia, headache, contributes to the prevention and treatment of vertigo effect.
In your meetings: you can do the levator ani movement, in the inspiratory time slightly forced contraction of the anus up, exhale relax nature. This section of the movement can play the role of the kidney Guse, fully strengthen the pelvic blood circulation.
When you are writing a document: you can take the free hand on the lower abdomen, constantly rub, can make the activities of gastrointestinal, prevent constipation and indigestion.
When you called: take any one of these things, with the hand, lift, along the hindbrain. Then the arm toward the side, turn the arm make circle motion. This exercise can exercise the upper body and arm.
When you work you: then stretch it, suggest you do some waist rotation, it can reduce fatigue air jordan 3 retro 88 white cement. It may take the subway the bus will take you a lot of time, so you don’t have time to really go to the gym. In fact, in the car, you can start the day morning: if sit ride her legs together, is lifted from the ground about 5 cm, the sole hanging.air jordan 3 retro for sale can exercise abdominal muscle, keep a few stops up time. Seize the car rings when standing, before and after the legs crossed, hind legs to push forward. The effective training front thigh. Training does not stop breathing, hold for 6 seconds, so the 1 or so a 3 time.
If the traffic is not angry, this is a good time to your fitness. Focus on the abdomen, to tighten the 6 seconds, will feel the navel closer to the back. The daily commute to do, your body will become well proportioned and straight.
Experience: I always feel arm bursts of tingling, and pain, sometimes up to mention is very difficult, I think this is going to see a doctor.
Solution: if you feel often broken fingers and the palm numbness, tingling, stretch thumb does not freely and pain, should go to the hospital have a look you is it right? Won the “mouse hand” — the carpal tunnel syndrome. Remember the space-time a wrist exercises: to keep the upper body straight air jordan 3 retro 88 for sale, chest abdomen, arms outstretched, up and down, the lower arm wrist upward, from the hand, gently inwards, and then by the little finger to index finger four fingers are stretched out from the top of the hand. Clenched fist, and then release the finger; according to clockwise and counterclockwise rotation wrist; relaxing walk; the palms upward opening downward bending. Can make the hand and wrist joints more flexible.